Rocking Bird Flower Co.

The problem.

Meredith is starting up a flower business in DC. She'll be providing deliveries to individuals and floral arrangements for events around town. Meredith is entering a crowded market and needs her potential customers to know quickly that she can deliver high-quality blooms to their specs. She had built out a text-heavy prototype of a website with six top-level menu items.

The problem.

Information architecture.

Meredith showed me her prototype over drinks one evening, and I quickly sketched out a possible different approach for how her content could be organized. 

This structure would allow visitors to her site to easily see her body of work, or decide which service they wanted to use after learning about her offerings, rather than having to choose immediately upon arriving on the site.

When we started working together formally, Meredith shared some requirements:

  • She wants to be in charge of her business. This means no automated delivery requests with automatic fulfillment.

  • She is a "loca-flor." She works exclusively with seasonal blooms available in the DC area.

In restructuring Rocking Bird's site, I wanted to make clear to potential customers that working with Meredith is a partnership between their needs and her craft. I approach limitations with an eye towards illuminating the creativity of constraints, so rather than insisting with words that Rocking Bird only uses seasonal blooms and doesn't take many requests, I wanted to showcase the bounty of what was possible in each season.

This image shows two variations on how to showcase the variety of sizes Rocking Bird offers for arrangements, as well as the abundance of what is available seasonally. In the top variant (above the slashes), we discussed a page that showed each of the three arrangement sizes, with a link below to an additional page listing the flowers in season throughout the year. I decided not to go in this direction for two reasons:

  1. Rocking Bird's client base is likely to be eco-friendly DC residents who want Meredith to use the best of what DC has to offer, and is less likely to care about specifics of hydrangeas versus zinnias.

  2. As a florist, Meredith has made arrangements of each size in each season. We 

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